About Hotburn

Initially, capital raised through Silverback’s Gold Fund will be invested into Hotburn.

Hotburn owns 450 Ha of Claims covering the famous Tafuna Hill in Shamva District of Mashonaland Central. Historically, over 10 tonnes of gold have been mined, declared and recorded by Ministry of Mines, from 12 separate mines prior to the year 2000. The claims include a series of over 20 very rich, sometimes intersecting, narrow vein Quartz Reef deposits. Core drilling is currently underway by Tandamanzi, which will prove that the known reefs extend laterally and downwards, and at least a further 20 tonnes of gold is very feasibly minable on Tafuna hill. The high gold content of the quartz reef, means current higher costs of processing ore on diesel generator power, and current poor real prices paid by Fidelity does not negate profitability, something that cannot be said for many mines in Zimbabawe at present. 

Please visit www.silverback.co.zw to read more about SilverBack asset management. 


How does it work?

The Gold and Silver Fund guarantees a return on investment in the following manner:

• this Fund is backed by the stability and safe haven status of gold and silver, the world's original real currencies]

• upon investing, an investor’s money is converted into grams of gold and silver at world price plus 1%;

• apart from hedging investment against the world price of gold, interest is earned at rates ranging from 6% to 10% per annum (depending on value and period of investment) and compounded monthly;

• Upon redeeming investments, payment will be paid at world price less 1%.

• an online application is used to calculate the value of capital invested at any given time, visit https://www.kitco.com or https://goldprice.org

Our Vision and mission

Our mission is to position the business to become one of the leading brands in innovative wealth management in Zimbabwe. Silverback exists to provide competitive, innovative and quality asset management resulting in maximization of investors’ wealth.


Our vision is to preserve and grow our investors' wealth while the world around us crumbles

Invest in something real

The intrinsic value of beef or gold is unquestionable, thus an investment denominated in kilograms of beef or kilograms of gold is undoubtedly sound and stable.